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"For me You have created the skies scattered with stars...and all the beautiful things on earth."
St. Maximilian Kolbe
Dear Friends of the Kolbe Center,
Pax Christi!
I am writing to you from Washington Dulles International Airport where I am waiting to fly to Rome to participate in the first general assembly of the new John Paul II Academy for Life and the Human Family before flying on to Dubai and then to Uganda. In Uganda, Dr. Thomas Seiler and I will give a two-day seminar to a large number of lay leaders from all over the country under the auspices of the Uganda Episcopal Conference before giving another two-day seminar to 300 seminarians. I will then stay on to participate in the celebration of the Feast of the Ugandan Martyrs on June 3 before returning to the United States for our sixth annual leadership retreat at Conception Abbey in Conception, Missouri.

petek, 18. maj 2018


na samoupokojitev.


               "Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church."

The parallel I have drawn between the crisis in the Church and the French Revolution is not simply a metaphorical one. The influence of the philosophes  of the eighteenth century, and of the upheaval that they produced in the world, has continued down to our times. Those who have injected that poison into the Church admit it to themselves. It was Cardinal Suenens who exclaimed, “Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church” and among other unguarded declarations he added “One cannot understand the French or the Russian revolutions unless one knows something of the old regimes which they brought to an end… It is the same in church affairs: a reaction can only be judged in relation to the state f things that preceded it”. What preceded, and what he considered due for abolition, was that wonderful hierarchical construction culminating in the Pope, the Vicar of Christ on earth. He continued: “The Second Vatican Council marked the end of an epoch; and if we stand back from it a little more we see it marked the end of a series of epochs, the end of an age”.
Père Congar, one of the artisans of the reforms, spoke likewise:  “The Church has had, peacefully, its October Revolution.” Fully aware of what he was saying, he remarked “The Declaration on Religious Liberty states the opposite of the Syllabus.” I could quote numbers of admissions of this sort. In 1976 Fr. Gelineau, one of the party-leaders at the National Pastoral and Liturgical Centre removed all illusions from those who would like to see in the Novus Ordo something merely a little different from the rite which hitherto had been universally celebrated, but in no way fundamentally different: “The reform decided on by the Second Vatican Council was the signal for the thaw… Entire structures have come crashing down… Make no mistake about it. To translate is not to say the same thing with other words. It is to change the form. If the form changes, the rite changes. If one element is changed, the totality is altered.., of must be said, without mincing words, the Roman rite we used to know exists no more. It has been destroyed.”8

četrtek, 17. maj 2018


fatimski skrivnosti.


Christus Rex

Posted: 16 May 2018 11:28 PM PDT

U petak, 11. svibnja 2018., objavljeno je pismo zagrebačkoga nadbiskupa, kardinala Josipa Bozanića, u kome se izjavljuje da pomoćni biskup Svećeničkoga bratstva sv. Pija X., mons. Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, nema dopuštenje za podjelu sakramenta svete Potvrde koja je održana prošle nedjelje, 15. svibnja, u Zagrebu. Na ovu tvrdnju želimo dati sljedeći odgovor i pojašnjenje.