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 TIA responds:

Hello D.L.,

Allow us an introductory analysis to help others with similar problems.

When a river enters the ocean, there is a mixture of freshwater and saltwater that produces an area in the ocean where we still can catch freshwater fish; likewise there is an area in the river where we can find saltwater fish.

Some similar confusion happens when a heresy hatches in the Church, until the time the Church condemns that heresy. On one hand, there is a period of confusion / indefiniteness regarding laws and sacraments; on the other hand, there is an area where we can still find good Catholics in pro-heretical waters and, on the other hand, we can find heretics in Catholic waters.

Today, when we are witnessing perhaps the greatest apostasy in History, the same applies, but demands much care in discerniment. The problem we have is that the religious authorities, different from the past, are the main promoters of this apostasy. So, we cannot expect them to condemn the errors of Progressivism. We have already been living in this period for about 60 years. Consequently, the confusion in our situation couldn't be greater.

Now, an observation about your friends’ approach and yours: In principle, your friends are correct, because the sacraments are still valid; however, by normally receiving them they run the risk of being influenced by the Progressivism held by those priests / bishops. On the other hand, your position is much more secure and has much more good spirit.

You may find examples of non-compromised positions in face of heresies in the lives of the following Saints:This is a sample taken from only the three first months of the year on our large list of Saints of the Day. If you go through the other months, you will find many more.


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