sreda, 13. januar 2021


Why Did the Miracle of San Gennaro Not Occur? Atila, Do you care to comment on the miracle of San Gennaro; on the coincidence that the miracle did not happen in 2020? Here is the link to the news report L.G. ______________________ The Editor responds: L.G., There are so many reasons for the miracle to not occur, that I able not able to specify why it haven't. Think only about the three following actions of Pope Francis during 2020: 1. His suspension of all Sacraments for Catholics as well as the prohibition for priests to assist those dying, under the pretext of avoiding the contamination of the priests by covid. This goes against the mission of the Catholic Hierarchy and Clergy, which is to bring souls to Heaven. This scandalous denial is an indirect act of apostasy. 2. His overt campaign against the Western lifestyle and economic system - Capitalism - and the preaching on a new society and a new sharing economy - a disguised Communism. With this Francis presents himself as the most efficient communist agent struggling to destroy the leftovers of Christendom that still survive in the West. 3. In his Encyclical Fratelli tutti he in practice abdicates his role of Vicar of Christ. He along with a Muslim leader leads mankind to adopt the ideals of Freemasonry - liberty, equality and fraternity. St. Gennaro could have prevented his miracle to occur for one of these reasons, or for all them together added to many other many progressivist things Francis did in 2020. Cordially, Atila S. Guimarães