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petek, 21. april 2017


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It has been an amazing year, and in the process of preparing “The Principle” for much wider international distribution, a funny thing happened…….we suddenly sold out of “Journey To The Center of the Universe“!

Our apologies for running out of stock on the amazing 4 1/2 hour “Journey” 2-DVD set.

That has now been rectified, and to thank you for your patience, we are going to be running a VERY special, one-time-only bundle of “Journey” and “The Principle” for the unheard-of price of $29.95- the retail price of “Journey” alone!

“Journey” is, simply, the most comprehensive and in-depth exposition of the geocentric side of “The Principle” available anywhere.

What “The Principle” introduces, “Journey” develops, and many aspects which “The Principle” could not address, “Journey” brings to light, often for the first time ever in a documentary format.

While “The Principle” has become one of the most uber-controversial films of our time simply for daring to address the stunning implications of the latest cosmology surveys, “Journey To The Center of the Universe” takes us the rest of the way, examining the scientific evidence that not only is the Copernican Principle wrong- not only are we in a special, even central position with respect to the incomprehensible vast large-scale structure of our universe- but Earth is actually the motionless, fixed center of the entire creation.

Nothing could be more astonishing than to recognize, as you will, that the experimental evidence for this has been staring us in the face for centuries!

Like “The Principle”, “Journey” is one of those films that must be owned and returned to again and again, especially considering the rapid pace of scientific developments covered in our recent updates:

So- for a limited time only, “Journey To The Center of the Universe” will be available as a 2-DVD set OR as a digital download for the specially discounted price of 24.95!

“The Principle” and “Journey to the Center of the Universe” DVD’s will be available at a specially discounted bundle price of $29.95 (a $14.90 discount!).

Also, the bundle can include “The Principle” on Bluray for $34.95 if you prefer.

Hurry. This special offer will not last long!

We are pleased to announce that "The Principle" is now available on Vimeo for rental & download!

Visit to get your copy now!!
We are also happy to announce that "Journey to the Center of the Universe" is now available on Vimeo for rental & download!

Visit to get your copy now!!
The Principle DVD/Bluray includes a remarkable special feature "New Science", introducing the research of Ashok Singal, published just a bit too late for incorporation into the film.

"New Science" animates the potentially world-changing detection by Singal of a preferred direction for radio galaxies and quasars, correlated to the CMB "Axis of Evil", but presenting stunning evidence that contradicts the standard explanation that the CMB can be used to calculate the motion of the earth.

This is the only animation of the detection available to the public, and is immensely helpful in visualizing and understanding what a shock these results deliver to the standard Big Bang cosmology.

Available now here:

Catch up on extended interviews with Michio Kaku, George Ellis, Lawrence Krauss, Writer/Producer Rick Delano, & Executive Producer Robert Sungenis.

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