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petek, 07. april 2017


Europe in the Crossroads between Immigration & Communism

Dear TIA,

The overall atmosphere over here in (continental) Western Europe has drastically changed ever since this new Muslim invasion was allowed in back in 2015. I'm working as a taxi driver, and from what I can hear from my customers, fear is spreading everywhere.

Ladies are afraid now to walk their dogs on their own (and also in rich neighborhoods); they arrange instead with neighbors and go out together. So many rapes occur now, also assaults, robberies, thefts, it's really frightening (and the ruling Left would like to tell everybody they are just paranoid, resp. threaten people into shutting up).

When I came to this city in 1983, age 20 (I wanted to study at the university, but had no financial support from anywhere), the place was safe and relaxed and peaceful. The communists - forgive the sarcasm, but it's true - were still well-contained behind their Iron Curtain, and my countrymen were still by far the majority in their own land. Today, according to a more-or-less conservative daily newspaper in my country, more than 50% of the capital's population are already people with so-called "migration background."

We have, it almost seems, half of the "former" Eastern bloc here. These people are still as barbarized and communistically run down as ever (and many of them are Mafia). We have meanwhile pretty much the whole Third World here, and Muslims are beginning to make political demands, as they always do as soon as they reach a certain percentage of the population.

Depressingly, the once-Christian-conservative parties of Western Europe have all sold out to the socialistic EU, to Marxist political correctness, if not to Moscow directly.

While the "new Right", i.e. all those nationalist parties, who are neither conservative nor genuinely traditional nor Christian, won't bring back a civilization that increasingly looks lost. On the contrary, they pilgrimage to Russia to participate in "White Supremacists' Conferences" organized by Putin's ideologue, Alexander Dugin, without realizing they are being played. Moscow, it can't be repeated often enough (and I almost feel like famous American radio talk-show caller, Jimmy from Brooklyn): The collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union was the greatest deception in the history of mankind. Communism is well and alive in so-called Russia.

Which also means that the Obama revolution was NOT an isolated American event, but the culmination of decades of world revolutionary strategy-in-action. This is why the American Left may well be even more dangerous now that they are out of power, as this is their classic position for unleashing unrest and all-out revolution (and let's keep in mind that 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of both the Bolshevik Revolution and the Marian apparitions of Fátima, which are closely interlinked).

Conservative publicity stars in America such as Pat Buchanan ("Is God Now On Russia's Side?") or Ann Coulter ("Let's Make Russia Our Sister Country!") seem to have no idea what damage they are doing to the United States and the West by parroting Moscow's lies. Behind the Potemkin façade of alleged democracy, capitalism and "Russian-Orthodox" tradition, Russia has remained as Marxist-Leninist as ever, in other words: as Soviet as ever.

In closing, I would like to refer your audience to my still-embryonic Facebook page, which is run under the pseudonym "Max Moritz," where I'm going to present a lot of material, quotes, books, videos, as well as thoughts of my own regarding the ever more critical world situation.

In fact, we are now increasingly confronted - around the world and simultaneously - with a full-blown 360° revolutionary attack - and no proper response anywhere. To quote Jimmy from Brooklyn: "There's only one side fighting." And that's been the situation for at least half a century.

Conservatives and traditionalists shouldn't be afraid, as far as America is concerned, to once again make use of the "politically incorrect" C-word. The thing has a name, and all the cosmetic changes of the last 25 years haven't changed the substance of it all. And so, the C-word is as legitimate and appropriate as ever. Do dare use it! Call them out for what they are: Communists.


     T.K., Europe