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torek, 18. april 2017


             The Kolbe Center <> Dear Friends of the Kolbe Center, Christ is risen! Alleluia! A few years ago, a high-ranking churchman with a reputation for being traditional took part in a televised debate with Richard Dawkins. The debate took a drastic turn when the churchman announced that: Adam and Eve are terms that mean 'life' and 'earth'. Like an Everyman. It's a beautiful, sophisticated, mythological account. It's not science. But it's there to tell us two or three things. First of all that God created the world and universe. Secondly that the key to the whole universe is humans. And thirdly it's a very sophisticated mythology to try to explain the evil and the suffering in the world....It's a religious story told for religious purposes. In reality, as those who have studied the material on the Kolbe website understand, it is evolution that provides a very sophistical mythology to explain the origin of man and the universe. But Dawkins, a devout believer in that mythology, showed himself better able than the high-ranking churchman to recognize the fundamental importance of Adam and Eve when he replied to the above comment by asking: Ah, well, I'm curious to know, if Adam and Eve never existed, where did Original Sin come from? The answer, of course, is that, if Adam and Eve never existed as the first parents of all mankind in a state of original holiness, then the god of theistic evolution created man with the same fallen nature that he has today or in a condition in which man's fall into his present condition was inevitable. In the theistic evolutionary system, god is always the author of evil, including the natural evils of death, deformity and disease, and thus it makes no sense for Our Lord Jesus Christ to have assumed a human nature so that He could bear the punishment that our first father Adam justly incurred for his sin. For those who have attended the liturgical services for Holy Week and Easter this blasphemy ought to be especially repulsive, because of the continual reminders th