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petek, 07. april 2017


video v njegov spomin.

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John Vennari

To our readers:

This past April 4, we lost a long-term colleague and contributor to the TIA website.

We had the pleasure to have John Vennari as a co-author of our We Resist You to the Face, a manifesto, later published in a book-form. In it we explained to John Paul II we could no longer follow many points of the orientation he was giving the Church that implied changes in the Catholic Faith, Morals, Exegesis and many other fields. We had the obligation of conscience to resist those points that we considered contrary to Catholic doctrine. This open letter proposed a dialogue to clarify our doubts.

At the time, a common friend asked Card. Jan Pieter Schotte to deliver a copy of that book to John Paul II, which he did when the Pope was entering the car to travel from the Vatican to Castelgandolfo for a rest. The Cardinal reported to this friend that he delivered it with these words: “Your Holiness, this is what some Catholics are writing to you about you.” The Pope received it and said: “I will read it on this trip.” Unfortunately, that open letter had no reply and the proposed dialogue never took place.

Besides having John at our side on that occasion, he greatly helped TIA to disseminate our common ideas publishing many of our articles in Catholic Family News .

At that time both John and I made an agreement: to offer the Fourth Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary daily for each other.

I will be always grateful for the support he gave to me, TIA and its writers.

This is one reason more for TIA to recommend the repose of his soul to the prayers of our readers.

I ask Our Lady of Sorrows to look with a good eye at his defects and extend her mercy toward him so that he can soon be with her in Heaven.

Below is the schedule for his funeral that starts tomorrow in Buffalo, NY.

     Pie Iesu Domine, dona ei requiem.

     Atila S. Guimarães, editor