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ponedeljek, 15. maj 2017


tiste, ki govorijo o Božji kazni.

Tretja fatimska skrivnost je odgovor, zakaj ne.
The final deciphered version thus reads, line by line:

Now I am going to reveal the third fragment of the secret;
This part is the apostasy in the Church!

Our Lady showed us a Church, but this was a
Church of hell, and an individual who I describe as the 'holy
Father' leading a multitude that was praising the devil,
but there was a difference from a true holy Father, the gaze,
this one had the gaze of evil.

Then we saw the same Pope entering a Church,
after some moments, but there is no way to describe the
ugliness of that place, it looked like a gray cement fortress
with broken angles and windows similar to eyes;
it had a beak in the roof of the building.

Next, we raised our eyes to Our Lady who
said to us: You saw the apostasy in the Church.

Because the dogma of the faith is not conserved in Rome, its authority
will be removed and delivered to Fatima. The cathedra [or chair] of Rome will be
destroyed and a new one built in Fatima.

In the kingdom of John Paul II the cornerstone of Peter's tomb
will be removed and transferred to Fatima.

This letter can be opened by the holy Father, but it must be
announced after Pius XII and before 1960.

If 69 weeks after this order is announced, Rome continues its
abomination, the city will be destroyed.

Our Lady told us that this is written, [in] Daniel 9:24-25 and Matthew 21:42-44.