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sreda, 14. junij 2017


 Thank you for your amiable words on my CDs and on TIA articles. They are encouraging.

As you have read in the series on rock ‘n roll, rock music has a bad origin, a bad history and a bad end, since it leads to a total loss of control of oneself, an immersion into the world of drugs, free-love and revolt against everything that is ordered. Because of these bad characteristics it ultimately leads to Satanism.

To maintain the same characteristics and try to “baptized” rock as Catholic does not change the essence of the problem. It continues to be a completely revolutionary rhythm leading youth to the same errors, even when one replaces the name of Satan with the name of a Saint.

It repeats the errors of the WYDs, which tried to “bless” the bad behavior of Woodstock. The result is that Catholics become promoters of the Revolution.

I believe that the bottom line for this "replacement" for hard rock is a strong human respect of Catholics. Instead of trying to be accepted by the world, we should reject it completely and construct our own civilization based on the purest and most efficient principles of the Catholic doctrine.

In short, my answer is, therefore, no to Catholic rock, no to WYDs.


     Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.