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sreda, 28. december 2016


Interestingly, the terrorist who killed 12 people and wounded more than 40 in Berlin was a Tunisian who entered Italy through Lampedusa. The same Italian island where Pope Francis went to cry for the so-called refugees. Lampedusa is a symbol of the Pope’s campaign for immigration in Italy and Europe. Now, here is the result. He is opening the door to terrorism.

Besides terrorism, the Islamic immigration in Europe is a ploy to destroy the remains of Christendom in that Continent. The Pope and the Vatican newspaper do not lose one single opportunity to promote these two evils and attack those who rightly oppose the Islamic immigration, labeling them xenophobic and populist.

Preberimo si, kaj pravi sv. Tomaž Akvinski o imigraciji! - to bi si morali prebrati naš papež in njegovi liberalci ter modernisti!