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sreda, 11. januar 2017


Although we did not publish a book specifically on marriage, the book Courtesy Calls Again (151 pages) has four of its seven chapters (more than 100 pages) addressing practical suggestions for the married life in the relationships between husband and wife, father and children, mother and children, how the family should behave at the table and the best way to conduct a good conversation at home. Certainly these ideas can make the marriage life much easier and happier.

Also the book Restoring the Family, which is a summary of a larger work by Msgr. Henri Delassus, presents fundamental principles that should be applied to any Catholic family; it includes a chapter on the role of the father and the mother. It is a powerful indirect way to influence marriage for the good.

If you consider that the first goal of marriage is the birth and raising of offspring, certainly the book A Catholic Manual of Civility, which teaches parents how to raise their sons well, could also be included in the marriage literature.

The same reason would serve for a suggestion to listen to the series by Dr. Marian Horvat on how to raise children and youth in a Catholic home, which you can read about here.

You can find more than 20 other articles on marriage on our page on Morals, here.

For official teachings of Popes on marriage, the classical work is the Encyclical Casti connubii of Pope Pius XI. You may read it here.

Other documents on the topic include:
  • Encyclical Arcanum Divinae Sapientiae of Leo XIII on the Catholic constitution of the family, here;
  • Speech of Pius XII on large families (January 20, 1958), here;
  • Speech of Pius XII on the sanctity of the matrimony (October 3, 1941 - in Italian ) here;
We hope that these suggestions will give you some of the sources on marriage that you are looking for.


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