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ponedeljek, 16. januar 2017


The Triumph of Our Lady cometh

by damselofthefaith
The triumph of the Immaculate Heart will result as an act of providence, for the beginning of the Age of Mary, where she will be exalted and glorified by all mankind, who will each and every one become a fervent Catholic. Then will she have completed what she was sent by God to this Earth to do - show herself as our loving Mother, pleading for souls, so as to save us from the pit of hell and take us to the glory of Heaven. Please God, let this restoration happen soon.
"According to my reading of history, the epochs in which Faith is the strongest, piety the most robust, and the church wins her grandest victories, whether in individuals or in nations, are precisely those in which devotion to Our Lady, or the worship of her virtue, is the most diffused, the most vigorous and flourishing."  ~Dr. Orestes Browning
~Damsel of the Faith