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sobota, 25. februar 2017


Liturgy: Quinquagesima Sunday

Our Lord's words to the blind man, Thy faith hath saved thee, are a obvious correlation to our ability to correspond to grace.

Watch the Full Fatima Mission

The Pilgrim Virgin's visit to Phoenix concludes tonight before moving to Las Vegas.
In case you missed the live broadcast of last weekend's mission, below are the high-quality videos:

St. Lawrence Shrine Included on Pilgrimage

Fatima is the destination for this pilgrimage, but will also visit Huesca, St. Lawrence's birthplace. Learn more while there is time to join!

The Archbishop Speaks: Fast & Abstinence

One week before Lent, let us reflect on both the letter and spirit of the 40 days, with this letter written in 1982 by the Archbishop.

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